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Keeping it Local

Are you frustrated with the constant outsourcing you get every time you pick up the phone? You’re not alone because we are too! Nor do we want to be a part of that so we’re Keeping it Local by contracting our work to locally grown talent only. Besides, we pride ourselves with the best and the brightest right here in our own backyard! So, whether you need a Senior Executive Assistant a Social Media Expert or a Junior Account Manager you can count on us to fit the bill for all your long and short-term assignments.

Cost Effective

To borrow a quote from the classic Hollywood movie, Jerry Maguire, “Show Me the Money!” Yes, the reality is we’re all in business to Make Money. Our Virtual Administrative Assistants and Social Media Experts have no overhead costs so there is no time lost spent on training. Our hours are flexible as we free up your valuable time!

Why Go Virtual?

Let’s start with no overhead costs, no time spent on training and the best of all is that you only pay for the hours worked. As Independent Contractors we work remotely from our home office and with the use of our own equipment. Imagine freeing up your time so that you can concentrate on activities to generate income for your business.

Here’s How We Can Help You!

With a viable business there comes a time when a business owner must make the tough decision to get “extra help”. Whether you are in need of building your online social presence or you are in need of a virtual assistant to make your business run smoother, we can help. With over 30 years of experience our talented expert group of Social Media Marketers and Executive Assistants are as passionate about their expertise as you are about your business. And because we know that we’re only as good as our last job we are motivated to stay on top of our game.

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